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    Is your concrete driveway cracked and in need of replacing?
    Do you need an expert concrete contractor to install a new driveway?
    Call Miller and Sons Concrete of Grove City today.
    Our contractors have been installing concrete for several years and have the experience to do the job right.

    The challenge of living in Ohio is that the winter months destroy cracked concrete.
    What happens is this: water goes down into the cracks, the water freezes, and then the ice expands and makes the cracks bigger.
    The cracks in your concrete are only going to get bigger.
    The time to fix it is Now!

    Many times, we can install a new driveway at your home in the same day.
    At Miller and Sons Concrete of Grove City, we can bring in a crew and knock out your new driveway in one day, without compromising quality.
    Don't delay on that new driveway!
    It's time to finally get the new driveway you've been wanting.

    Do you need a one-car driveway or a two-car driveway? We can handle that.
    Would you like to add some decorative flair to your driveway?
    Have our contractors install some landscaping and decorative pieces to add to the look and feel of your driveway.​

    Call us today and we will get a Free Quote to you quickly!


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    Why Choose Miller and Sons of Grove City?

    • Integrity.  Our concrete company is built on Christian values.  We believe in treating people right - in treating others the way we want to be treated.  We take following through on a paid project seriously.  If you order a concrete project, we will finish it.  We are a local company that lives in Central Ohio.  This is not a fly by night company.
    • Passion for our work.  When we finish a concrete project and stand back and look at the final product, we get excited!  We take pride in our work.  We got into the concrete business because we believe we have been gifted in crafting quality projects, and we love using our gifts to make customers happy.
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